Therapy Homework – Dreams

Went to therapy today and discussed these stupid dreams I've been having lately. My homework was to make a point before bed to sit and write to my mom, and also say what I want the dreams to be like. So, here's letter one: Last night you came to me in a dream. Or, you … Continue reading Therapy Homework – Dreams

Salt-free dreams.

Soon after my mom died and I returned to work, a friend shared with me his own loss of his father. "Wait until the dreams start," he mentioned to me while we were telling our stories of grief. The dreams have started. Last night, she was alive. She was on the phone withe me, coordinating … Continue reading Salt-free dreams.

John Wick, Living in Memory, and I’m so young (and old).

Recently I realized an astounding fact: My mother was 38 when she had me. Ok, so I knew that. But, I'm 32. That means that my mother lived an entire life before she had me, and then some, and then more if you include my toddler years. There was just so much more to her. … Continue reading John Wick, Living in Memory, and I’m so young (and old).